Convex Hull Test Algorithm

As well as for finite point sets, convex hulls have also been study for simple polygons, Brownian movement, space curves, and epigraphs of functions. related structures include the orthogonal convex hull, convex layers, Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi diagram, and convex skull. The lower convex hull of points in the airplane looks, in the form of a Newton polygon, in a letter from Isaac Newton to Henry Oldenburg in 1676.The term" convex hull" itself looks as early as the work of Garrett Birkhoff (1935), and the corresponding term in German looks earlier, for case in Hans Rademacher's review of Kőnig (1922).By 1938, according to Lloyd Dines, the term" convex hull" had become standard; Dines adds that he finds the term unfortunate, because the colloquial meaning of the word" hull" would suggest that it refers to the surface of a shape, whereas the convex hull includes the interior and not exactly the surface.

Convex Hull Test source code, pseudocode and analysis